Sunday, October 27, 2013

Add Vanilla From Tahiti to Your Halloween Cider Recipes

Vanilla From Tahiti can be the perfect addition to any Halloween celebration. Cooks, chelato makers, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and food lovers alike agree this is one holiday to experiment and have fun with food. You don’t have to worry about upholding family traditions as all the ghosts and goblins look forward to something that can really lift their spirits!

When trying out your recipes for ghostly delights, think about adding the extra flavor of pure Vanilla From Tahiti to your recipe. We are the premier source for Tahitian vanilla extract, vanilla bean powder and Tahitian vanilla coffee made from the finest Tahitian vanilla beans. As the world's purveyor of the finest Tahitian vanilla beans, Vanilla From Tahiti caters to those who expect the very best in quality vanilla bean extract. Here are a few Halloween Cider Recipes that will benefit from the strong, rich flavorings of Vanilla From Tahiti:

Warm Vanilla Cider: Straight from the kitchens of Martha Stewart, this mouth-watering delight will make you howl like a werewolf at the luscious undercurrents of pungent licorice and sweet caramel from Tahitian vanilla beans. With whipped cream and honeyed walnuts, this drink is like a dessert. When made without the bourbon, it's perfect for children.

Vanilla Lemon Apple Cider: Imagine the perfect balance of sweet vanilla and tart lemon combining perfectly in this tempting libation from Dragon’s Kitchen. Use a cinnamon stick to swirl it all around and you’ll be happier than Dracula at a blood bank!

Hot Caramel Apple Cider: put together this simple recipe that tastes like a liquid caramel apple. Use our PURE Tahitian vanilla extract (made from our own beans), which doesn't contain any sugar or additives of any kind, and you’ll feel all warm and yummy inside.

Hot Spiced Drunken Apple Cider: 3/4 of a bottle of Gewurztraminer, a whole vanilla bean from Tahiti, honey, and some spices sound like the perfect witch’s brew for an adult Halloween party punch to us.

Vanilla-and-Cider Panna Cottas with Spiced Ginger Cookies: Here’s a great combination of cider and plump vanilla beans in a dessert concoction from Shawn McClain tops his cinnamon-and-vanilla-flavored panna cotta with an elegant apple-cider gelĂ©e. He equates the dessert to a Creamsicle because it so successfully combines creamy and tangy flavors. We equate it to the perfect end to a fun Halloween celebration.

No matter what creative recipes you’ve found to enhance your Halloween celebration, rely on Vanilla From Tahiti to add the finest touch of vanilla. Vanilla From Tahiti imports only real Tahitian vanilla beans from our partners in Raiatea, French Polynesia. Since our founding, we have become the web’s premier site for pure Tahitian vanilla products, Tahitian vanilla extract, and Tahitian vanilla beans. Vanilla from Tahiti won the prestigious Medaille D’Or Award in 2012 for our array of fine vanilla products. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-965-5153 to obtain more information or buy vanilla extract for your Halloween libations!

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