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Vanilla From Tahiti Reviews Top 3 Santa Barbara Culinary Schools

As an importer of Tahitian vanilla beans, Vanilla From Tahiti often makes referrals to cooking schools that teach chefs about the importance of using only the finest quality ingredients.  If you're in the Santa Barbara area and looking for a high quality culinary school, look no further than Pascale’s Kitchen, Savoir Faire Catering and Michael's Catering in Santa Barbara
Vanilla From Tahiti appreciates culinary schools that take the time to teach the most important cooking techniques and principles to our local chefs.  These culinary schools in Santa Barbara help grow the local foodie community, and teach local Santa Barbara chefs how to tantalize our taste buds!

Pascale’s Kitchen is a unique Santa Barbara culinary school that offers delicious lifestyle classes showcasing the fragrant seasonal produce of local farmers’ markets to an enticing line of Mediterranean cookbooks, creative items for your cook’s pantry, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, unique gifts, Mauviel Copper Cookware and more. Pascale Beale brings you the essence of cooking in California, the Mediterranean and beyond.
Pascale Beale, grew up in England and France surrounded by a family which has always been passionate about food, wine and the arts. She was taught to cook by her French mother and grandmother. After 15 years working in the property and financial markets in California, all the while continuing her quest for good food and culinary knowledge during gastronomic pilgrimages to Europe, she returned to her first passion, cooking. She has, over the past 10 years, written numerous books and articles for local newspapers and is a regular contributor the James Beard award winning publication, Edible Santa Barbara.
The future plans for Pascale's Kitchen are to bring new culinary products to its customers and to introduce a new food blog. In addition, Pascale's Kitchen plans on introducing new herb lines, developing new blended spices, adding additional innovative cookware items and bringing its customers items that make cooking delicious, fun and pleasurable. 

Savoir Faire is owned by Chef Karen Warner-Smith. Since 1989, Karen has been collaborating with her clients to refine their vision and select a location. Together with Chef Michele Molony, Karen consults with you to create a sumptuous menu. Karen, Michele and staff, many of whom have been with the company since the beginning, then handle all the details, including rentals, while you just enjoy the day.
Karen’s childhood love for food continued during extended travels and study in Europe. She was fascinated by the Italian passion for food, the freshness of Greek vegetables, the diversity of ethnic foods in England, and the culture around French cuisine. Karen operates by a simple philosophy; she feeds others only foods she would serve her own family, mostly what is in season and whenever possible, organic. 
Karen pays attention to her own work and that of other chefs. In addition, she has taken advanced classes in Florence, Italy, at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone and extensive classes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Chef Michele Molony is an Honors graduate of the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school in Paris, France. She completed the full cycles of both pastry and cuisine training – a rare combination for a chef in the Santa Barbara area. After Le Cordon Bleu, Michele catered on large luxury yachts, traveling throughout Central America the West Indies where she learned to appreciate the wide range of distinct aromas and tastes that each area offered, from spicy pastes to succulent, tropical fruits to the simplest diets of fish, fish and more fish. She eventually returned to her native Santa Barbara where she teamed up with Karen again, this time as Chef at Savoir Faire Catering. Vanilla From Tahiti recognizes and appreciates Karen’s drive to build the Savoir Faire culinary school in Santa Barbara.

Chef Michael's career began when he took a job in a restaurant at Disneyland to work his way through college. An accomplished flutist, he planned a musical career. But in the kitchen of Disneyland at the fabled private Club 33, he was taught by the Master Chef Rudolph Stoy and his priorities changed. Michael Hutchings eventually became executive chef of Club 33 then worked under several Los Angeles chefs of note.

In 1978, Michael Hutchings went to London to work at Le Gavroche. The Roux brothers were so impressed with his seriousness and ability that after only a few months they promoted him to sous-chef and told him that when he was ready for a restaurant in the United States they would back him financially in a partnership. The result was Michael's Waterside in Santa Barbara. During ten years of operation, Michael's Waterside was recognized as a leader in contemporary California-French cuisine. In the years following, Chef Michael worked at a variety of restaurants, clubs and food facilities that broadened his culinary style. Now, Chef Michael oversees a catering service business in Santa Barbara, California. Chef Michael Hutchings brings many years experience to a wide range of cuisines. The same attention to quality is given to the simplest menus like a great burger buffet to a filet mignon dinner.

In addition to being among the best culinary schools in Santa Barbara, Michael’s Catering also cater weddings. With good ingredients, all they require from you is that you share your ideas for a perfect wedding day and from these, they create a style of cuisine to compliment your colors and theme. Each wedding they cater receives Chef Michael’s personal attention in planning, preparation and service and his 40 years experience in providing reliable, quality food and service. Your wedding will be the focus of their day as they are not a wedding catering factory.

Although they are headquartered in Santa Barbara, Michael’s Catering are available to cater weddings throughout Southern California and the Central Coast, including San Simeon, Santa Maria, Solvang Buelton, Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria, Ventura, Oxnard, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, and Malibu.

In the same way that Vanilla From Tahiti appreciates that Tahitian Vanilla is the best in the world, it appreciates that the best culinary schools are those run by professionals who have gained culinary experience both in class and on the job. These culinary schools are committed to providing each chef with a unique and valuable training experience. 

For more information on Tahitian vanilla and how to store vanilla beans, visit Vanilla From Tahiti’s web site on For phone orders or questions contact Vanilla from Tahiti at 805-965-5153. 

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