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Vanilla From Tahiti Reviews The Top 4 Chocolatiers

As purveyors of high quality Vanilla extract, Vanilla from Tahiti often receives inquiries from foodies asking for referrals to “chocolatiers”. 

The art of creating the best quality chocolates takes skill and passion, and the best chocolatiers devote years to perfecting their craft. For many of us, the amazing chocolates made by chocolatiers are a treat and can often make the perfect lavish gift for a special occasion. The finest chocolates are often made by small companies where the focus is on quality and presentation. 
In this article, Vanilla From Tahiti reviews their four favorite chocolatiers making the best chocolate products money can buy.  Enjoy!
Dorado Chocolates
Dorado Chocolates make a selection of fine chocolate products with the accent being on artisan chocolates and tastes of Americana. The artisan chocolates combine the highest quality chocolate with a variety of exotic flavors such as Tahitian Caramel and Cabernet Fig & Honey centers while the classic American tastes of Vanilla Cream and Peanut Butter Meltaway are available in both milk and dark chocolate varieties. Dorado Chocolates use fair trade chocolate to produce their products which range from beautiful boxes of handmade chocolates to the best quality drinking chocolate and even caramelized almonds and classic almond toffee.  Fair trade chocolate bars are also available in three grades of 75%, 60% and 41% cocoa content to appeal to everyone’s taste in fine chocolate products. Purchases from Dorado Chocolates can be made online or from their retail outlet in Grass Valley, California which is open seven days a week.
Santa Barbara Chocolate Company
The Santa Barbara Chocolate Company supplies a variety of chocolates and chocolate products with the focus being on organic chocolate. With products ranging from raw cacao and cocoa powders, organic chocolate beans to gift boxes of fine chocolates, the Santa Barbara Chocolate Company uses only the finest ingredients to create their beautifully crafted products. The focus on quality organic products continues in their choice of locally grown Californian nuts and tree-ripened fruits used to compliment the highest grade of couverture chocolate that is available. The chocolate truffles made by the Santa Barbara Chocolate Company are flavored with a variety of garden fresh flavors that add a fanciful note to their range which also includes classical toffees, caramels and nougat centers. Suppliers of quality baking chocolate as well as the finest chocolate chips, the Santa Barbara Chocolate Company is also a wholesale supplier of quality chocolate and cacao for people interested in making their own chocolate. They stock a range of organic chocolate bars in 4.4 lb and 22 lb blocks for commercial users and the organic chocolate bars also come in packs of four smaller bars in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate mocha flavors. There is a choice of Rainforest Black and Rainforest Red pure cocoa powders, sourced from the Amazon, available in quantities ranging from 2.5 lb to 50 lb while the Santa Barbara Chocolate Company also sells a Rainforest Red blend of fine drinking chocolate. For anyone that is looking for the purest, organic chocolate products available, the Santa Barbara Chocolate Company has the best quality range available.
High Street Chocolate
Based in Comfort, Texas, High Street Chocolate is an artisan chocolatier that specializes in making 70% pure, handmade chocolate creations for genuine connoisseurs. As they choose only the finest ingredients, including Tahitian vanilla beans and organic sugar blends, High Street Chocolate focuses on creating the most delicious and healthy chocolates in their studio. Combining well established flavors like vanilla, mandarin, peppermint and mocha with their finest quality chocolate, these carefully crafted chocolates make the perfect gift for special occasions such as weddings and are an elegant corporate gift when you want to make the right impression. With retail outlets in Comfort, Boerne, San Antonio and Mason, High Street Chocolate is also available online and can supply wholesale customers as well as individual chocolate lovers.
Chocolats du CaliBressan
At Chocolats du CaliBressan, the creative talents of master chocolatier Jean-Michel Carre brings European chocolate making skills to the American Riviera in Santa Barbara, California. Jean-Michel’s skills as a chocolatier have brought him accolades from around the world and his handmade artisan chocolates combine classical chocolate making skills with California’s eclectic style to create the finest chocolates in the world. The range of truffles extends from the familiar coffee and chocolate flavors through to exotic combinations such as curry with coconut or Sichuan pepper with orange to create unique and memorable flavored chocolates. The range of bonbons available at Chocolats du CaliBressan consists of all of the classics that you would expect to find like mint and rum while there are also some more challenging varieties such as geranium or Earl Grey tea and, of course, Tahitian vanilla. The number of bonbon varieties available is truly impressive and there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste in handmade chocolates in one of Chocolats du CaliBressan’s tastefully packaged gift box selections. The inventiveness of Jean-Michel in the ingredients that he sources for his fine chocolates as well as his impressive presentation of his product, often shaped into fascinating sculptures like clogs or tiny Buddhas, adds greatly to their appeal. Chocolats du CaliBressan can also produce custom made chocolates for your business or special occasion that employ all of the flair and quality of Jean-Michel’s craft to make a truly fine chocolate that is more than a treat.
Chocolate is always a favorite indulgence and it is worth the effort that it takes to find a truly exceptional product. Each of these chocolate artisans has their own style and brings something unique to their work with chocolate that can be enjoyed by lovers of fine food and chocoholics alike. These chocolates do cost a little more than the more generic brands but for a special occasion or as a gift for someone that is important to you then fine, handmade artisan chocolates can hardly be equaled for the enjoyment that they can bring. 
After carefully and thoughtfully reviewing the top four rated chocolatiers in the industry, Vanilla From Tahiti understood just how valuable the selection of the finest, high-quality ingredients are in crafting the best tasting chocolate.  The fine detail that goes into preparing high quality chocolates is evident in each and every one of the chocolatiers Vanilla From Tahiti reviewed.
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