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Vanilla From Tahiti Reviews Top 5 Santa Barbara Culinary Events

A quick spotlight on Santa Barbara culinary events, for foodies, by foodies.

Santa Barbara, California, seems to embody the best of all possible worlds. Dubbed "The American Riviera," it is surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful mountains and has miles of sandy beaches. The sun shines more than 300 days a year, and mild, coastal regions give way to rolling vineyards. The city is very pedestrian-friendly and easy to navigate. Santa Barbara was also recently voted "best getaway" in the annual L.A. Readers' Choice Awards.
In addition to its appealing atmosphere, Santa Barbara also features fantastic shopping, excellent hotels, fine wine, cultural events, top-tier restaurants and stellar cuisine.
When it comes to culinary events, there is something going on in Santa Barbara just about every month of the year. Whether you're looking for dessert, avocados, lemons, high-end vanilla extract or fine wine, Santa Barbara's fairs and festivals can accommodate every taste.
Dedicated foodies, the ones you see at all the local culinary events, tend to be quite selective when it comes to the ingredients they use (hint: 100% pure Tahitian Vanilla Beans) in their dishes. Finding that rare, one of a kind flavor that dazzles the taste buds is a constant concern for chefs.
Chefs that buy our Tahitian vanilla beans are often at local food and culinary conferences. Vanilla From Tahiti caters to high end chefs and dedicated foodies who expect the very best in quality, aroma and taste in their ingredients. Since vanilla is the most expensive spice next to saffron, Vanilla From Tahiti understands the demand for their precious commodity and takes care to see that even the most discerning clientele receive the highest quality Tahitian Vanilla Beans and other vanilla bean products at fair market value.
Vanilla From Tahiti decided to research the top five Santa Barbara culinary events based on popularity in the community and overall value to our loyal chefs. 
Below are the top 5 Santa Barbara Culinary Events of 2012:, The California Avocado Festival, The 3rd Annual Taste of Hope, The Harbor & Seafood Festival, The California Lemon Festival.


"2012 Santa Barbara Culinary Event Top Pick" -
This event is Santa Barbara's premier culinary event that lasts 31 days, and brings the community together to celebrate the culinary arts. There are specialized food and drink events, wine tasting, seasonal menus, winemaker dinners, vanilla products, cooking classes and many other epicurean-inspired events. Some of the highlights are the California Avocado Festival, the Harbor & Seafood Festival and the California Lemon Festival. The theme for 2012 focuses on four categories: ocean, earth, celebration and cultivation. The 2012 kicks off on Sept. 29 with the SOL Food Festival in Plaza Vera Cruz Park. It continues for 31 days with an awe-inspiring lineup of over 80 fabulous food-related events. LIKE them on Facebook.

2. The California Avocado Festival

"2012 Santa Barbara Culinary Event Top Pick" - California Avocado Festival

The Annual Avocado Festival began in 1986 and now receives 100,000 visitors annually. Since the Santa Barbara area is the largest avocado-producing region in all of North America, it's no wonder the Avocado festival is held here. It's run entirely by volunteers, and representatives from the California Avocado Commission are on hand to share information. Local farmers sell their goods and a wide variety of avocado dishes are served. From staples like guacamole dip and avocado burgers to more innovative dishes like avocado ice cream and avocado sweet pie, this festival is an avocado lovers' dream come true.  LIKE them on Facebook.

3. The Harbor & Seafood Festival

"2012 Santa Barbara Culinary Event Top Pick" - Habor and Seafood Festival

This Santa Barbara festival is timed to coincide with and celebrate the opening of the commercial lobster season which begins in early October. It showcases a variety of delectable, regional seafood dishes and specialties. There are also children’s activities, cooking demonstrations and boat rides. Local fishermen cast their lines and nets and bring their catch directly to the pier, where you can hand-pick your meal and watch as local chefs prepare it however you wish. LIKE them on Facebook.

4. The 3rd Annual Taste of Hope

"2012 Santa Barbara Culinary Event Top Pick" - Taste Of Hope

Over 30 vendors, breweries, wineries and gourmet food purveyors gather together to offer their delectable samplings at this Santa Barbara Food Festival. Live music sets the backdrop and there is also a silent auction. Proceeds benefit the People's Self Help Housing program, which helps provide affordable housing and support for low income workers, seniors and disabled people.  

5. The California Lemon Festival

"2012 Santa Barbara Culinary Event Top Pick" Lemon Festival

You’ll find amazing food, a family atmosphere and a wide variety of entertainment activities at this anticipated culinary event in the Goleta Valley. There's also a car show (the Goleta Fall Classic Car and Street Rod Show.) You can enjoy pie-eating contests, arts and crafts vendors, and of course, a wide variety of lemon-themed delicacies. LIKE them on Facebook.
These five festivals are just a sampling of what goes on around Santa Barbara. From vanilla extract to gourmet food and drink, Santa Barbara has a culinary festival or event to satisfy every taste.  It is our hope that this review of the top five Santa Barbara culinary events provides our local and non local customers quick insights into the Santa Barbara culinary community. 
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Santa Barbara Culinary Events - Tahitian Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Products

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