Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Celebrity Chefs Choose Tahitian Vanilla Bean Extract

When making pastry, chocolates, cakes, pies, gelato and other baked goods, you want your product to stand out from other chefs’ products. When a product’s flavor stands out, many people assume there is a “secret ingredient,” and will come back for more. You can have your own secret ingredient by using vanilla extract from Tahiti. Our Tahitian vanilla extract is of the finest quality and further embodies the flavor of your creation.

Quality: Chefs prefer our vanilla extract and other vanilla products because of the quality of the beans. Vanilla X Tahitensis JB Moore, the actual name of our vanilla bean, is grown and processed with care to ensure the highest quality vanilla extract and other vanilla products possible.

Price: Though other vanilla beans may seem cheaper, when you compare the size of each bean, our beans and extract products are close in price to other real vanilla products, even though our beans are specifically from Tahiti. When comparing pricing, remember that quality definitely costs more than “imitation.”

Fillers: Tahitian vanilla bean extract does not contain sugars and other fillers that affect the taste and the aroma of the vanilla extract. The extract made from the Vanilla X Tahitensis JB Moore bean gives you the full flavor of the vanilla bean.

Allergies: People with allergies to grains may be allergic to vanilla processed with grains. Vanilla X Tahitensis JB Moore is all natural; and can be used in confections made specifically for those with grain allergies.

Flavor: According to scientists, natural vanilla has about 250 flavor and aroma compounds and artificial vanilla has only one. Using natural vanilla gives your products a fuller flavor, as natural vanilla also enhances other flavors such as chocolate and coffee.

Chemicals: Imitation vanilla is a derivative of coal tar or may be created by using a byproduct of paper production. It is chemically manufactured, which makes it cheaper than real vanilla; but it is not as healthy as real vanilla.

Blends: Other real vanilla products may be blended with several different types of beans from other countries. Even some products heralded as “real Tahitian vanilla” may be blended with beans from other countries. Our Tahitian vanilla is made with only the Vanilla X Tahitensis JB Moore bean.

If you are looking for a product that enhances the flavor of your baked goods and other confections, and a product that doesn’t contain chemicals, grains and other allergens, always be sure to check the manufacturing process of real vanilla. Also, make sure the real vanilla you are using is not a blend of two or more different beans from different regions. With these steps, your baked goods and confections will have a well-rounded flavor that makes your customers know they are getting something special.
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About Vanilla From Tahiti: Vanilla From Tahiti is the premier source for Tahitian vanilla extract, vanilla bean powder and Tahitian vanilla coffee made from the finest Tahitian vanilla beans.  As the world's purveyor of the finest Tahitian vanilla beans, Vanilla From Tahiti caters to those who expect the very best in quality vanilla bean extract.   The finest pastry chefs, chocolatiers and gelato makers from around the world choose Vanilla From Tahiti for its distinct Tahitian vanilla bean aroma and taste.  Visit the web site at For phone orders or questions please call 805-965-5153.
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