Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Pearfect way to ring in the New Year: Tahitian Vanilla Pear Cocktail

The gifting season has been wonderfully fruitful this year, and to make good use of all of the delicious holiday pears we’ve received, we had to get a little creative! We've had pears in yogurt for breakfast, garnished a tasty spinach salad with them, used them in a relish for pork, and of course, made a pear pie. Today we’re sharing a Tahitian vanilla and pear cocktail recipe we’ve concocted just in time to ring in the New Year.

Tahitian Vanilla Pear Cocktail 
Makes 2 drinks.

8 oz pear juice – We simply sliced up 2 pears and gave them a good spin in the food processor. Then, we strained out the pulp with a fine sieve.
3 oz vodka
seeds scraped from 1” of a Tahitian vanilla bean
Tahitian vanilla sugar, for rim
pear slice for garnish
2 cups ice, divided

First, prep your glasses. Wet the rims with pear juice or water, and dip in homemade Tahitian vanilla sugarAdd ice to the empty glasses. 
Next, it’s mixin’ time! Combine pear juice and vodka in a shaker. 
With a sharp paring knife, split 1” of the vanilla bean lengthwise and with the back of the knife, scrape out the vanilla seeds, or caviar, into the shaker. 
Add 1 cup of ice, cap your shaker, and give it a hearty shake, then strain into cocktail glasses. 
Garnish with a thin slice of pear and serve.

Happy New Year!

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