Wednesday, July 9, 2014

15 things to do with spent vanilla bean pods

We love to incorporate real Tahitian vanilla beans into our dishes. Splitting the vanilla pods open and scraping the seeds out is pure hands-on fun for us. But the best part is how the beans just keep on giving! We thought we’d share some ways to make the most out of your vanilla investment.

15 things to do with spent vanilla bean pods

  • Bury a pod or three in your sugar bowl to make vanilla sugar.
  • Snip off an inch or two and add it to a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.
  • Infuse honey, maple syrup or simple syrup with a pod or three.
  • Bury a pod or three in natural (non-iodized) sea salt to make vanilla salt.
  • Grind pods into powder after they are completely dry.
  • Infuse vodka, rum, bourbon, or other spirits with pods for a couple weeks.
  • Bury a pod or three in your bag of coffee beans to make vanilla coffee.
  • Flavor a fruit compote or a marmalade with a pod.
  • Make your own vanilla extract or boost the flavor of store-bought by adding a pod or three.
  • Infuse port with figs and pods. Sip or make reduction for roast pork loin.
  • Scrub your skin with vanilla sugar or vanilla salt.
  • Spice up loose leaf tea with a pod or three.
  • Flavor carrot or fruit soups by adding a pod.
  • Scent your drawers or closets or cabinet with a pod or three.
  • Garnish a cocktail or dessert with a pod.

As you can see, the ways to use up a vanilla bean pod are practically limitless. Happy experimenting!


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