Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Baking with kids offers teachable moments

When it comes to baking Halloween treats, kids of all ages can contribute to the many tasks at hand. The littlest ones will enjoy forming dough into balls, the older ones can tackle precise measurements, and everyone enjoys decorating.

More importantly, making treats together as a family offers a plethora of opportunities for teachable moments. To make our treats, we will need to read and follow directions, exercise our math and science skills, and solve problems in a real-life situation that will have consequences if we don’t do it right. Precision counts in baking! We realize the value of organization, preparation, and safety. We discover the joys of cooperation with our team, flex our creative muscles, learn from our mistakes, and take pride in a job well-done. We develop the discipline to clean up the inevitable mess while we patiently wait for our treats to bake. Ultimately, we experience the joy of giving and sharing while creating lasting memories with our loved ones.

We’ve assembled a few recipes on our Pinterest board for inspiration. Put everyone in the family to work with these family-friendly Halloween recipes.

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