Thursday, October 24, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Vanilla From Tahiti Reviews The Top 4 Chocolatiers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Santa Barbara, CA - Vanilla From Tahiti Reviews The Top 4 

Vanilla From Tahiti provides the highest quality vanilla extract in the world to high end pastry chefs and chocolatiers.  Their vanilla beans are used by many of the finest food and pastry chefs in the world.  Vanilla From Tahiti vanilla extract is a favorite among chocolatiers making the finest artisan chocolates. These high quality chocolates use only the finest available ingredients.  Vanilla From Tahiti often receives requests for chocolatiers, and decided to review their top four chocolatiers this month.

Dorado Chocolates offer a selection of fine chocolate products that combine a variety of exotic flavors with the finest quality fair trade chocolate. There is also a range of traditional American tastes that features flavors like Vanilla Cream and Peanut Butter Meltaways. Dorado Chocolates supplies a range of the purest chocolates with three grades of 75%, 60% and 41% cocoa content that is available in bars to suit everyone’s taste in fine chocolate.

The Santa Barbara Chocolate Company is focused on organic chocolate products which it sells in both small retail quantities and large wholesale quantities for use by professional cooks. The Rainforest Red and Rainforest Black cocoa powders and drinking chocolate offer an organic alternative to commonly available cocoa products. The Santa Barbara Chocolate Company’s range of crafted chocolates combines organic tree-ripened fruit and Californian nuts with the best couverture chocolate to produce a fine organic chocolate product. Of special note is the eclectically flavored range of truffles that has traditional combinations alongside surprising flavor combinations to make chocolates that are as unique as they are exciting.

High Street Chocolate is an artisan chocolatier based in Comfort, Texas, that specializes in handmade chocolates that are made from 70% pure chocolate. Using only the finest ingredients such as their own organic sugar blend and Tahitian vanilla beans, the focus of their studio is to craft healthy and delicious artisan chocolates for the more discerning palate.

The world famous chocolatier Jean-Michel Carre’s renowned skills have come to Santa Barbara at Chocolats du CaliBressan. Combining the style of California with the traditional European skills of Jean-Michel, Chocolats du CaliBressan produces a large range of artisan chocolates. With flavors that range from traditional caramels and nougat to more challenging combinations that include Sichuan Pepper with orange, and even curry with coconut, the handmade chocolates from Chocolats du CaliBressan are true works of art with enough variety to be sure that there will be something for everyone who enjoys chocolate.

After carefully and thoughtfully reviewing the top four rated chocolatiers in the industry, Vanilla From Tahiti understood just how valuable the selection of the finest, high-quality ingredients are in crafting the best tasting chocolate.  These chocolates do cost a little more than the more generic brands but for a special occasion these handmade artisan chocolates can hardly be equaled for the enjoyment that they can bring. The fine detail that goes into preparing high quality chocolates is evident in each and every one of the chocolatiers Vanilla From Tahiti reviewed.
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