Friday, October 25, 2013

The 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World!

Everybody loves chocolates and globally we buy tons of the stuff each year. Like anything there is affordable and less affordable types of chocolate. But if you had the money would you buy any of the following? Below is a list of the world's top 10 most expensive chocolates.
10. Vosges Haut Chocolat
$69 per lb - Based in Chicago, Vosges Haut Chocolat manufactures several signature flavors including milk chocolate with Sweet Indian Curry and coconut, Bacon and Wild Tuscan Fennel Pollen.
9. Richard Donnelly
$75 a pound -Since 1988, Donnelly Chocolate has been made by hand from the finest French and Belgian couvertures. After studying with master chocolatiers in both Paris and Brussels, Richard Donnelly returned to the United States to create his own line of chocolates, focusing on simple yet sophisticated flavors.
8. Chuao
$79 per lb - Based in San Diego, CA.Chuao Chocolatier is an artisan chocolatier that specialises in gourmet chocolates. Founded in 2002 by Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother Richard Antonorsi, Chuao Chocolatier is pioneering "fusion chocolate" through a commitment to creating unusual, unexpected and delicious flavors using their secret blend of premium chocolate and fresh natural ingredients. Named after the Venezuelan region of Chuao this type of chocolate uses only fresh ingredients and no preservatives. This means it contains no soy lecithin and no vanilla. Just the world's most coveted cacao and a little bit of sugar.
7. Debauve & Gallais
$94 a pound - Founded in 1800, Debauve & Gallais are French Chocolatiers whose quality offerings quickly saw them become appointed as the official supplier to the Kings Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis-Philippe. Typically Debauve & Gallais make chocolates that are low in sugar and use quality cocoa. Specialist flavours include Bourbon Island vanilla (Croquignoles du Roi), Orgeat cream (Chocolat des Demoiselles) and Orange Tree Flowers. As you would expect they contain no dyes, preservatives or any other kind of additives.
6. Pierre Marcolini
$102.50 a pound - To be regarded as Belgium's finest chocolatier is quite an achievement. And Pierre Marcolini certainly makes delicious chocolates. Using the finest cacao beans and ingredients as fillings Pierre is an artist whose signature truffles are to die for.
5. Richart
$120 a pound - Offering high quality Luxury French chocolates, Richart chocolate uses 70% Criollo cocoa from Venezuela, which is widely considered the best cocoa in the world.
4. Godiva "G" Collection
$120 a pound - The "G" Collection of chocolates was just recently introduced to Godiva's fantastic range. Each chocolate is made with premium cocoa beans and contains a variety of exotic flavours including Tahitian Vanilla, Wild Bolivian Dark Chocolate, Thai Coconut, Vermont Maple Walnut and Tasmanian Honey.
3. Delafee
$508 a pound - Delafee are luxury Swiss Chocolates that are made with fine cocoa beans and flakes of edible 24-karat gold. Their "Celebration" Box of eight finest Swiss chocolate pralinés adorned with edible gold are especially sought after.
2. Noka Vintages Collection
$854 a pound - Found only in Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad and Cote d'Ivoire this chocolate is made up of the finest dark chocolates (min. 75% cacao). Noka is a Texan chocolate manufacturer that specialises in gourmet chocolate gifts and does not use vanilla or soy lecithin in their chocolates. They do however firmly advocate that their Vintages Collection is best approached in a similar fashion to wine tasting - from sensing the unique aroma of each estate to cleansing the palate in between tastings.
1. Chocopologie by Knipschildt
$2,600 a pound - Chocopologie was created in 1999 by Danish chef and chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt. Based in Connecticut, all of his chocolates are handmade artisan products that useg only the freshest natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. His signature chocolate is the Madeleine that cost $250 a piece and must be ordered in advance. The Madeleine contains a creamy truffle ganache made from French Valrhona chocolate blended with fresh cream infused with vanilla pods and pure Italian truffle oil. A French Perigold truffle is then rolled inside of it and the whole thing is dusted with cocoa powder. The reason why it is so expensive, according to Knipschildt is because of the painstaking work and dedication that goes into producing just one of these chocolates. The ganache is whipped and folded by hand for a long time to make it as silky as humanly possible, and he even has to perform the hand rolling of the Perigold truffle inside of the ganache within a refrigerated room so that the ganache hardens ever so slightly enough to be workable.

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