Monday, November 17, 2014

Bake the pie that everyone will be talking about this Thanksgiving!

The perfect pumpkin pie is a thing of beauty. Your first ingredient? Love. And what better way to bake with love than to bake with the very best ingredients. Delight your dinner guests this Thanksgiving by adding a teaspoon of ground Tahitian vanilla powder to your recipe.

A pinch of vanilla powder stirred in with your other dry ingredients will add a layers of depth and complexity to your pie.

Want to push things over the top? Go for homemade Tahitian vanilla whipped cream! Simply scrape the seeds of one vanilla bean into heavy whipping cream and whisk until it peaks. The results? A decadent and delicious ending to any meal.

Tip: Invited to a gathering and out of time to whip something up? Top off that last-minute store bought pie with vanilla bean whipped cream and your, ahem, indiscretion will be gladly overlooked!

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