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Step up your Recipes with Vanilla from Tahiti

Many of us take vanilla extract for granted. Vanilla in its many forms is a staple in most of our kitchens, and we may not give much thought to its history or varieties. The term "vanilla" in fact denotes something that is plain or simple, but vanilla is far from that. As you’ll see, vanilla has an interesting backstory.
We are going to investigate what makes Tahitian vanilla products in particular, different from those grown elsewhere. We’ll discuss why it may be the best choice for those who buy vanilla products including chocolatiers, pastry chefs, gelato makers and cooks who understand the nuances of flavorings and spices.
Before we get to Vanilla From Tahiti, let’s start with a quick journey into the history of vanilla.
Brief History of Vanilla
For those who enjoy food, the name Heman Cortes should be at the very top of the list of great discoverers. Cortes was the Spanish conquistador who was responsible for bringing BOTH chocolate and vanilla to Europe from Mexico around 1520. That makes him a foodie rock star.
In fact for a long time vanilla was only grown in Mexico because of the monogamous relationship between a specific Mexican bee and the vanilla orchid. That local bee was the only natural pollinator of the plant, so for over 300 years Mexico had the market cornered on vanilla. Then a twelve year old slave on the Indian Ocean Island of Bourbon (now Reunion) found the plant could be pollinated by hand.
Today, vanilla comes from 4 major regions.
  • Bourbon or Madagascar Vanilla – That little slave child really started something. Vanilla from the Southwestern Indian Ocean region now produces most of the vanilla in the world, including the island of Reunion, formerly known as the island of Bourbon.
  • Mexican vanilla – The original producer of vanilla is still a major player in the production of the bean.
  • West Indian Vanilla – Mostly grown in areas that include Central America, South America, and the Carribean Islands.
  • Tahitian Vanilla – This strain of vanilla was brought to Polynesia by a French admiral from the Philippines. The French love affair with the bean is evident from the term “French vanilla”.
  • Tahitian vanilla has some distinct qualities that make it very appealing to chefs across the globe. It’s popularity continues to increase, and a website called is a major reason why.
Why you should consider Tahitian Vanilla Products
If you use vanilla extract or natural vanilla, you’ll want to consider Tahitian vanilla products from Vanilla From Tahiti.
Natural vanilla from Tahiti is much larger and plumper than the vanilla you may normally use. While the price may appear more expensive, its larger size makes its gram-for-gram price competitive. You will simply be amazed at the difference. Tahitian vanilla extract has a bouquet that is sweet and a taste that is at once vibrant yet subtle. Many professional and celebrity chefs buy vanilla extract from Tahiti, and if you take your cooking, baking or candy making seriously, you’ll also want to consider Vanilla From Tahitii.
Vanilla From Tahiti caters specifically to those who are seeking the very best ingredients for their recipes. Beans are carefully harvested with the appropriate moisture content and cut to exacting specifications. Those with grain allergies will want to note that vanilla extract from Vanilla from Tahiti is the only Tahitian vanilla that is pure bean, containing no grains.
Thank you Cortes
The name of Heman Cortes may never be considered on a list that would include Henry Ford, Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell. For those of us who enjoy chocolate and vanilla flavors, perhaps he should be. Because of him, and a twelve year old boy from off of Southeast Africa, we can enjoy the distinct flavor of vanilla in ways we wouldn’t otherwise have.
Make a discovery of your own by beginning to use Tahitian vanilla extract in your recipes. It will definitely make a difference you can taste.
Want to learn more? There is much more information about what makes Tahitian vanilla distinctive and more about the founders of Vanilla From Tahiti at
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About Vanilla From Tahiti: Vanilla From Tahiti is the premier source for Tahitian vanilla extract, vanilla bean powder and Tahitian vanilla coffee made from the finest Tahitian vanilla beans.  As the world's purveyor of the finest Tahitian vanilla beans, Vanilla From Tahiti caters to those who expect the very best in quality vanilla bean extract.   The finest pastry chefs, chocolatiers and gelato makers from around the world choose Vanilla From Tahiti for its distinct Tahitian vanilla bean aroma and taste. For phone orders or questions please call 805-965-5153.
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