Friday, July 31, 2015

Cool off! Sun Tea with Tahitian Vanilla

Whew! It’s hot outside, way too hot to be boiling water in the kitchen. Sun Tea always comes to the rescue on a scorching summer day.

Making your very own vanilla-infused Sun Tea couldn’t be simpler. Take one ounce of your favorite tea, loose or bagged, and place in a clear (clean!) gallon jar. Fill to the top with water and place outside in the sun for no more than four hours. Remove the tea leaves and refrigerate. Serve with any combination of garnishes—we love lemon, fresh mint, and a vanilla bean for a dramatic visual effect.

If you’ve been saving up a previously-scraped vanilla bean pod for future use, now’s your chance. To infuse your Sun Tea with that lovely Tahitian vanilla flavor, toss your stored vanilla bean pod in with your tea and let the sun do the rest! Here are other ideas for what to do with spent vanilla bean pods.

Best of all, you’ll avoid the tea kettle, and your kitchen stays cool!

Another way to enjoy Tahitian vanilla tea is to add it to tea leaves. Here is how to do it

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