Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Cookies - Vanilla From Tahiti

When you consider the intoxicating scent of vanilla, what is your reaction? Joy perhaps? Maybe a childhood memory swells recalling a freshly baked birthday cake? For me, it’s the familiar comfort of my mother’s soft and chewy sugar cookies.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we decided to try our hand at baking a batch of perfect sugar cookies. Ours are simply topped with a sprinkling of homemade Tahitian vanilla bean sugar and filled with love, just the way mom used to make them.

The recipe you ask? After much deliberation, we decided that this sugar cookie recipe was the one, perfected over many months of patient practice by baker extraordinaire, Sally McKenney, the heart and mind behind Sally’s Baking Addiction.

We won’t give away all of Sally’s secrets in this post, you can get her step-by-step, photo-filled instructions right here. What we WILL share with you is our super-simple Tahitian vanilla bean sugar recipe.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Sugar
One cup of granulated sugar
One spent Tahitian vanilla bean

Take your scraped vanilla bean, cut it into short 1” pieces and grind it up using a mortar and pestle. Next, scrape your freshly ground vanilla bean into a small mixing bowl with the cup of sugar. Mix the two together and store in an airtight container. Voila!

Bake with Love. Bake with Vanilla From Tahiti.

Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Cookies - Vanilla From Tahiti