Friday, September 30, 2016

Take your Culinary Creativity to the Next Level with ground Tahitian Vanilla Bean Powder

How many bottles of vanilla extract are in your pantry right now? If you love to bake, you probably have one at the very least. You might even have Tahitian, Madagascar-Bourbon, and Mexican extract, as each imparts different aromas and flavors to your culinary creations. OK, you’ve probably used vanilla extract lots, but have you ever baked or cooked with Tahitian vanilla bean powder? No? Time to up your game!

What is ground Tahitian vanilla bean powder? Glad you asked! There are two types, the first is pure vanilla beans that have been dried and ground to a powder (like ours). The second is dried and ground beans that have added sugar (sucrose, dextrose, or maltodextrin. etc.) and possibly other additives (silicon dioxide, corn starch, evaporated cane juice, silica, cellulose and the like). Our Ground Tahitian Vanilla Powder is made of pristine, freeze-dried Tahitian beans that have been ground to a fine powder. That is all! There are no additives or fillers of any kind whatsoever in our powder. That said, caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Take a gander at the label before you buy vanilla bean powder.

When to use ground Tahitian vanilla bean powder. Use vanilla bean powder in dry ingredients or when you want to avoid alcohol in a recipe. Many baking recipes call for a mixture of dry ingredients that are added to wet ingredients. Use ground powder in the dry ingredients and use vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste in wet ingredients.

Benefits of ground Tahitian vanilla bean powder. Ground vanilla bean powder has unique properties. Because our ground powder is unadulterated, it retains pure Tahitian vanilla flavor very well. Unlike vanilla extract, ground vanilla powder contains no alcohol. Because our ground powder has no added sugar, it works well for diabetics and those who are avoiding sugar, starch and carbohydrates. Our ground powder is the rich, dark brown color of vanilla beans, not light in color like cornstarch or sugar, so it will blend in easily with dark ingredients such as chocolate. Ground vanilla bean powder yields a strong vanilla flavor.

Do-It-Yourself ground vanilla bean powder. It is so easy to make your own vanilla bean powder. Simply chop dessicated beans and grind them in a coffee grinder or herb mill. If your beans have a little moisture that makes it difficult to grind, leave them out in the air for a day or two and grind again. The drier the bean, the finer the powder.

Suggested uses of ground Tahitian vanilla bean powder:

In baking - use in dry mixes (think homemade hot chocolate mix or pancake mix), breads, frostings, icing, and buttercreams, or sprinkle on top of cakes, cookies or doughnuts
When cooking - easily mixes in liquid without clumping, use in sauces, use in sweet-spicy dry rubs for BBQ pork or salmon
In desserts - add to chocolates, meringues, custards, ice creams, and gelatos, dust over macarons or cookies as a garnish
In beverages - add to coffee, tea, hot cocoa, smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails, add to sugar or salt to rim a cocktail glass
On fruit - sprinkle vanilla on fresh fruit instead of sugar
Other uses - flavor sugar, salt, butter, nut butter, oil, lemon curd

Tips for storing ground vanilla bean powder. Just like other vanilla products, store ground vanilla bean powder in an airtight glass container, and keep in a cool, dark, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures, and moist, humid, warm places. Do not freeze or refrigerate vanilla, as it depletes flavor and could encourage mold growth. When stored properly, vanilla beans, extract, paste and powder can last in excess of two years.

Equivalencies – Substitute any of the following for each other with confidence:
1 Tahitian vanilla bean
tablespoon Tahitian vanilla extract (1X)
tablespoon ground Tahitian vanilla bean powder
1 teaspoon Tahitian vanilla bean paste (3X)

Vanilla is one of the most recognizable and popular flavorings in the world. Remember, vanilla is the salt of the baking world. Where salt is used to bring out essential savory flavors, vanilla enhances natural sweetness. Now that you know all about ground Tahitian vanilla bean powder, you’re ready to take your baking to the next level! 

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